A Profile Of The Food and Beverage Professionals

Established in 1987 by Supreme Commander STEVEN BROWN FBII t.p. (Fellow of the British Institute of Innkeeping) INN-FORMATION are acknowledged as the UK’s premier providers of both Food & Beverage CONSULTANCY and TRAINING/ DEVELOPMENT services dedicated to the golfing industry. Steven has 40 years of practical experience of controlling, investigating and advising clients on how to:

  • Turn failing F & B operations into those providing a positive contribution.
  • Design motivational development programmes that inspire staff to maximise their performance.
  • Compile a Management Tool Kit for Food & Beverage managers to enable them to totally control their operations.


Don’t take our word it, see what our clients have to say

Steven quickly gets to the root of any problem and gives you options for the best remedies. Most importantly he brings a sense of fun to an often serious subject.


Steven has been a presenter on our Training and Development Programmes for a number of years, and is a much valued and respected extended member of our team. He is the person we turn to whenever we require advice about Food and Beverage in clubs.